czwartek, 1 kwietnia 2010

Dominic Torreto`s 1969 Dodge Challenger R/T (F&F)

Hi Everyone!

Finally I finished a very good quality car. This is 1969 Dodge Challenger R/T which it occured in famous movie "Fast & Furious". In this movie its driver was Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel). I added a wheele bar from Plymouth Cuda from Need For Speed: Pro Street, back wheels from some Chevrolet Camaro. Front wheels are from original model. I made a two versions. The first one is model with many flames (you can change colour in LocoLow tuning service) and the second is original black.
I also created a special handling line for this car. 
There is in this movie:

So, I think that it looks like:)



środa, 3 marca 2010

Ikarus 280 - The famous Hungarian bus

Hello Guys!

So, I finished a new project.
This is a Ikarus 280 (260 - version without trailer)
I started work one year ago and I`m very happy that this project is complete.

The first one I must convert a bad quality model of Ikarus 280 with trailer and cut its back.
Later I had to add textures from my many photos of seats, wheels, lights and emblems.

I think that its very HANDSOME :D




czwartek, 4 lutego 2010


Hi Everyone!!

Three years ago I tuned some model of Russian VAZ (Lada) 2101.
I think that it is very special. In the Polish language I should name "Wieśowóz"

I added a new spoiler "AIRCRAFT" on it back from Ford Mustang GT (Need For Speed: Undreground 2) and I tuned it with a few tubes :)
Wheels from Torreto`s Dodge Charger R/T (Fast & Furious 4)


Enjoy :)

poniedziałek, 11 stycznia 2010

BMW 740i V8 - Tede`s "White pearl"

I work with new car. This is BMW 740i V8 which have it Polish Rapper - TEDE. This is beta version and it not finished. I don`t know when I finished this project but recently I haven`t free time (work, work, work...)
I added stock wheels from BMW E30 which I make and new light on it from.

Download all content - Comin Soon, but I had to find this one :)


wtorek, 1 września 2009

Nissan Terrano - first generation

Hi everyone!

I finished make a popular family jeep - Nissan Terrano (first generation). I raised all hood and add wheels from Opel Frontera (downloadable on the some site with parts)


wtorek, 4 sierpnia 2009

Renault Megane 2009


Recently I was on the Polish Coast on the Baltic Sea. When I was in Mielno I saw this year`s tuned Renault Megane. When I back I went to the "Jasiak" (Renault - Car Salon) so as to get to know new car :) I think, that this car have one`s charm, and gold paint and black rims to look beautiful.

I lowered this model and give gold paint :)


poniedziałek, 6 lipca 2009

Mitsubishi Pajero EVO-DAKAR


I edited a Mitsubishi Pajero EVO-DAKAR, specification 2008. I added little spoiler on it back and the air intakes on the sides.


Pajero & L200 Download - COMING SOON